So, here I am...

by Elison Alcovendaz

starting a blog. I hear there was once a time when all a writer had to do was write. I also hear unicorns and leprechauns once roamed the earth, mating and giving birth to humans. Those were the good old days. Now, if you talk to current day writers or Google how to become a writer, you'll hear and see words such as "market" and "platform." You'll read articles about what is normally an introverted group of people who must now step out from behind their laptops, from behind their stories, and go forth and connect, much like the unicorns and leprechauns did so many years before.

Here's part of the problem: writers starting out don't have the cash necessary to start professionally created blogs, to fund web advertisements, or even self-publish their books (for those who decide to go that route). I certainly don't. All I have are my eyes, my heart, and my words. That's what this is. This here, this first blog, is hopefully a way of connecting to a reader I've never met, a fellow author who wants to discuss the liminality of innocence in The Cat in the Hat (English majors, unite!), or just someone who had a thought they wanted to share. We don't kill dreams here, so maybe it'll eventually lead to finding someone who wants to publish one of my novels (I know, I know).

I plan on writing about the author's journey to publishing their first novel, about books I've read, discussions I've had, thoughts on anything. I hope this blog will be a crossing of intellect and creativity, progress and presence, sarcasm and love.

Let's see if I can keep this up. I certainly hope so. After all, if we did descend from unicorns and leprechauns, there's gotta be some Magic in there somewhere.